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因應疫情漸趨穩定,全港學校分階段復課,聯會辦事處將於2020年6月1日起恢復所有對外服務,包括:領取證書 / 証明書、提交申請及繳費等,會員學校除可親臨辦事處外,仍可以郵遞 / 回郵信封方式辦理。

此外,辦事處於星期六之辦公時間 (上午9時正至中午12時正) 由6月6日開始亦會回復正常。

為減低冠狀病毒病傳播風險,所有到訪人士均須自備並佩戴口罩及量度體溫。若體溫超出水平及 / 或 出現呼吸道感染病徵 (如:發燒、乏力、乾咳及呼吸困難等),將獲邀離開辦事處。

Federation Office Resumes Normal Services from 1 June

As the epidemic situation has stabilised and following the arrangement of gradual class resumption, the Federation Office Office will resume normal operation of public services from 1 June 2020, with services including collection of certificate / certification letter, submission of application and payment. Member Schools may either attend the Federation office in person or arranged by post / self-addressed stamped envelope.

In addition, the Federation Office will return to its normal Saturday office hours (9:00 am to 12:00 noon) starting from 6 June.

To reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus disease, all visitors will be required to wear their own mask and have temperature checked when entering the Federation Office. Visitors with fever or respiratory symptoms (e.g. fever, malaise, dry cough and shortness of breath) will not be allowed to enter the office.

(updated on 3 SEP 2019)
  9 MAR 2020
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Debit Note for Annual Subscription 2020 – 2021
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Schedule for HK Island & Kln Area Swimming, Athletics, Games Competition 2020-2021 (Tentative)
12 MAY 2020
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Arrangements of the remaining Primary School Sports Competitions
3 MAR 2020
2019-2020年度小學體育比賽 通知事項
Notice on Sports Competition for Primary Schools
18 DEC 2019
2019-2020年度港九地域小學體育比賽 通知事項
Notice on Sports Competition for HK Island and Kowloon Region Primary Schools
27 AUG 2019
2018-2019年度港九地域小學體育比賽 通知事項 (三)
Notice on Sports Competition for HK Island and Kln Region Primary Schools (3)
25 APR 2019
學生運動員 / 非本校教職員領隊註冊系統 
Student Athletes / Team Manager(Non-staff member) Online Registration System
註冊系統  詳情
Detail Information of Online Registration System (STAR)
List of Team Manager (Non-staff member) 2019-2020
惡劣天氣安排 Inclement weather arrangement  
2019-2020年度小學田徑裁判工作摘要 1O月修訂版 (修訂某些圖片移位情况)
Notes for Athletic Referee 2019-2020
30 SEP 2019
處理郵資不足的郵件 (2016年9月1日生效)
Handling of Underpaid Mail Effective 1st September 2016
31 AUG 2016
Regulation on Competition Uniform
24 AUG 2016
Walk-over Form

13 SEP 2018
Application for the Use of Protective Equipment for Football Competition
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17 SEP 2019
因宗教理由申請穿著 長袖衫 / 長褲 / 頭巾 作賽
Application for wearing long sleeve shirts / long pants / headscarf in competition for religious reasons
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18 SEP 2019
Application for Replacement of Certificate 2019-2020
Form for Application for Password Reset for Online Entry System

Application Form for Certification Letter
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